Montag, 19. April 2010

Tutorial "Angel of the Night"

This tutorial was written by me on 19th April 2010. It was done with PSP9 but it might work with other versions, too. This tutorial is copyrighted to me, any resemblance is purely coincidental and not intentional!

You need: PTU Scrapkit "True Blue" by Designs By Ali which you can purchase at Just4Taggers, an adorable tube, I am using a free tube by Zindy Nielsen which you can download here, Becky_Mask022.jpg and CU Stamp Frame by DeliciousScraps

1. Open a new transparent canvas 700x530px, flood fill with white, select all, add new rasterlayer, open DBA PAPER 7.jpg, copy and paste into selection, select none, layers, new masklayer, from image, load Becky_Mask022.jpg, source luminance checked, merge group, image resize - Width 100/Height 70 (aspect ratio and resize all not checked), cut, paste as new layer (delete empty layer), highlight group layer, selection, custom selection, Left 0/Top 0/Right 700/Bottom 265, press delete, select none, duplicate layer, image mirror, image flip, merge down, Effects - Texture Effects - Blinds - Width 3/Opacity 20, Horizontal and Light from left/top checked

2. Open Frame.png (DeliciousScraps), resize 21% (aspect ratio checked), copy and paste as new layer, image mirror, add Dropshadow 2/2/30/2 #000000, with magic wand tool click into the frame, selection, modify, expand 10px, copy DBA PAPER 7.jpg again, paste as new layer, arrange - move down, selection invert, press delete, don't deselect, open DBA FALLING STARS MESS 1.png, resize 45%, rotate 90 degrees left, copy and paste as new layer, move it up, fit into selection, press delete, select none, add Dropshadow3. Highlight top layer, open DBA STAR CLOUD 1.png, resize 300px, copy and paste as new layer, image mirror, image flip, move down and a little to the left, add Dropshadow, open DBA MOON 2.png, resize 200px, copy and paste as new layer, image mirror, move it up to the left, open tube, copy and paste as new layer, add Dropshadow 2/2/30/8 #000000

4. Open DBA BUTTERFLY 1.png, resize 20%, copy and paste as new layer, image mirror, move down to the left, add Dropshadow 2/2/30/2 #000000, open DBA BUTTERFLY 2.png, resize 30%, copy and paste as new layer, image mirror, free rotate 10 degrees right, sharpen, move it up, add Dropshadow

5. Open DBA BOW 1.png, resize 25%, copy and paste as new layer, move it up to the right, add Dropshadow

Write your name into the white area of the frame, add Dropshadow, add copyright information and save your tag as .png or .jpg! Hope you enjoyed!

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